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Do you currently receive SSI/SSDI disability benefits and want to work at home (or) at an on-site location near you?  If so, we might be able to help!  We offer free job placement services for candidates receiving SSDI/SSI benefits and want to work. (Scroll down to apply) 

Employment Options has over 500 full-and part-time Work-At-Home jobs available with reputable national companies.  We also offer nationwide on-site jobs. We assist clients in over 4o states!

Work at Home Minimum Requirements: Click Here.

When you qualify as a candidate for one of our employers, we represent you and offer a complete employment placement package to help you find a job that best suits your circumstances!

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Pre-qualifying is the first step to get started with us. Please read ALL of the information below, prior to applying.  {Please submit one form only.}

PLEASE NOTE:  Currently, we are not accepting Ticket to Work applicants from Alaska, California, and Hawaii for reasons beyond our control.  We also cannot serve Washington D.C. applicants with our Work-at-Home Services.  We appreciate your interest in our program!  For additional, Ticket to Work agencies, simply call the Help Line at 866-968-7842 or visit the Choose Work website.  


1).  We ask that every applicant closely read the “Reasons You May Not Qualify.” Ticket to Work has specific rules and guidelines that we must follow.   Therefore, because of these rules, it is possible that some applicants on SSDI or SSI may not qualify for our free services.

2). Regularly check both your email address and phone number that you provided on your application.  Our staff often responds to applicants using both communication methods.

3). Application status updates:   If it has been 4 full business days since you applied, please request a status update via our Contact Us Form or call 800-441-3114.



Option 1:  I am between the ages of 18-64 receiving SSI or SSDI and want to work from home.

Option 2: I am between the ages of 18-64 receiving SSI or SSDI and want to work locally.

Option 3: I am disabled but not receiving SSI or SSDI benefits and want to view more options.

Option 4: Click here if you were you referred by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 

**We are only able to assist disabled job hunters through the Social Security Ticket to Work program.  If you have questions about qualifications, please Click HereAnother option is to directly contact your State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. For a complete list by State, Click Here.


The #1 Resource for Job Seekers



Not on Social Security, but need work?     

We recommend that you read the #1 Self-help job seekers guide: Employment Options: The Ultimate Resource for Job Seekers With Disabilities and Other Challenges, written by our President, Paula Reuben Vieillet.

It is THE ONE-STOP source for people who need to work now.  Its personal approach and easy to complete activities are designed to help any job seeker navigate through the challenging job hunting process.

Paula uses twenty years of Certified Vocational Counseling experience to break down each chapter to accommodate all learning styles.

Topics include (but not limited to) What Type of Job Hunter Are You, Vocational Challenges, Career Transitions, Gaps in Employment, Resumes, Accommodations, Interviews and so much more!

The book was recently named a winner into the Authors Show 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading 2011 published book.

Let Paula and her book help you find both suitable and satisfying work!

Want even more job resources?  Email our Help Center at (automatic email will be generated to you)