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The Jan 28th Resume webinar is now over. – Thank you again to all who registered and/or attended our event on Wed. Jan 28th.  We will be sending follow up materials to all who signed up.  Thank you! 

Missed the webinar?  If you would like to be added to our events list: simply email ladler@myemploymentoptions.com  Subject: “Add me to MEO events list” or follow us on social media: 


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Employment Options hosts free webinars throughout the year on helpful topics for job seekers and recruiters. Whether you need tips for resume writing, do’s and don’t of interviews or applications, our professional staff have you covered! Webinars are open to ‘anyone’ nationwide and our Ticket to Work clients!






Paula Reuben Vieillet, Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE), President, Employment Options

Paula Vieillet, Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE), President, Employment Options

Paula Vieillet, President/CEO of Employment Options, is a Nationally Certified Vocational Evaluator (CVE) who has been helping job seekers with physical, mental, and emotional challenges find suitable jobs for over 20 years.  Paula is an accomplished national speaker, presenter, and author of multiple career workbooks.  She often consults with the Social Security Administration, state and city agencies, and hosts skills workshops nationwide. 



JOBS: Visit Job Seekers Page to apply or call 800-441-3114 ext 754 – If you or someone you know is receiving SSDI or SSI disability benefits from Social Security, we might be able to help with free job placement services.

NOTE: Though our daily role is to assist people with disabilities, all of our on-line job fairs and webinars are free and open to anyone nationwide, whether or not they qualify for our services! We know the need is there!

Employment Options is a certified Employment Network in the Ticket to Work program that primarily specializes in assisting disabled citizens currently receiving SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and/or SSI (Supplemental Security Income) with job placement in both Work-at-home & On-site positions via the Ticket to Work program.