Employment Options

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Our Services

1-on-1 Job Counseling

Your particular circumstances, talents, experience and aspirations are key to matching you with a great job that meets your needs and abilities and is satisfying for the long haul. Each MEO client is paired with a dedicated job counselor that takes the time to understand your unique circumstances and assists you in finding and securing a job. Your job counselor stays by your side for months, and even years, throughout your journey and is ready to assist you during significant work milestones (career advancement, changing jobs, etc.) and as a liaison to invaluable resources. MEO’s free counseling service includes anything from refreshing your resume to assessing job skills, preparing for interviews, job searching, career planning and more.

These are some of the free services your counselor can provide:

  • Resume Review
  • Finding the Right Job
  • Job Searching
  • Career Advancement
  • Changing Jobs

SSI/SSDI Benefits Counseling

In addition to having your own personal job counselor, MEO clients on SSDI or SSI have the ability to schedule free appointments with our Certified Benefits Counselor (CPWIC) who helps track your benefits and guides you through every stage of the Ticket to Work Program. Have you received a SSA letter you have questions about? Not sure how to report earnings or need guidance on where you are in the program? Confused about the difference between Trial Work Period and Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)?

Our Certified Benefits Counselor is here to answer your questions and personally guide you. This guidance also includes learning about safety nets and work incentives including knowing when, or if, you will have a Continuing Disability Medical Review and helping prevent overpayment status. It will help you know how working will affect any other benefits you may receive. This unique free service allows you to reach your personal financial goals and assists you in getting program and benefit related questions answered directly so you can focus on employment goals and getting back to work. Not all employment networks in the program offer this special free service.

Employment Services

MEO has been helping clients find suitable employment since 1993, specializing in both Community (local) and Work from Home jobs. 

Our employment assistance and support services are free to you and are another benefit of the free Ticket to Work Program.  We help connect you to reputable employers who love to hire our loyal and hardworking clients.  You and your job counselor will work together as a partnership to find job leads for you to review and apply for in order to find the job that is the right fit for you.  Each employer could have a different application, assessment, and/or interview process and your counselor can help guide you & help answer your questions. The job leads we help you find are with reputable companies in remote or local jobs that can result in meaningful, long-lasting employment. We also encourage our clients to research jobs on their own so you can be a part of your own job search journey.

Work from Home positions provide flexibility for those that may not be able to or who do not want to work in a traditional workplace environment. Our Work from Home specialty began over 20 years ago, which has resulted in established relationships with companies who value MEO’s ability to find suitable candidates for these remote positions.

Community (onsite) employment services are also available to our clients on SSDI or SSI for those who prefer to work outside their home in their local community. Clients can work with a specialized community job counselor whose experience is in assisting job seekers in finding suitable local employment across a multitude of career levels and industries.

Long Term Career Support

At MEO, we know getting a job is only half the battle of returning to work. We provide you with long term career support to help maintain employment and aid you with ongoing career development. MEO maintains regular contact with you throughout your employment to ensure that you are successful with your pursuit of long-term employment. This includes job accommodation support, career advancement opportunities, and benefits counseling throughout your Ticket to Work journey. At MEO, we want you to succeed in your pursuits of finding employment that works for your individual needs. We help guide our clients through every stage of the program and can provide free employment services for up to 6 years.