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Working Rewards Program

Keep Your Paystubs & Keep Earning

The Working Rewards Program at Employment Options allows clients to ‘save up’ their Monthly Pay Stub raffle tickets and cash them in for bigger prizes like gift cards, laptops, big screen monitors and more!

Good luck! May each of you win BIG!

Note: Ticket holders often believe that if they earn over $1110 (Trial Work Level 2024) in a month they will lose their cash benefits. This is not accurate information. For information on how your benefits will be affected by different earning levels, please contact your Job Counselor and they can help you get an appointment with our Benefits Counselor/CPWIC.

The Official Working Rewards Program Rules

Who can participate: Clients that are actively working and sending in pay stubs for the regular Monthly Pay stub raffle contest who have also met specific earnings and milestone goals as described below.

How to earn: For every bi-weekly paystub you mail or email to us, you will receive 1 raffle ticket. 

For Clients Paid Weekly: Every other raffle ticket will count toward Working Rewards.

For Clients Paid Monthly: Two tickets a month will count towards Working Rewards.

Self Employment: If you are self-employed, in addition to sending in paystubs regularly, you will need to complete an SEI form every quarter. Download it here. You can receive up to 6 raffle tickets per quarter.

Goal of Program: To allow clients to save up Monthly Pay stub raffle tickets for bigger prizes as Ticket to Work benchmarks are reached. You must be meeting the ‘working towards self-sufficiency’ goals of the Ticket to Work program to redeem raffle tickets towards prizes.

Earnings Criteria: To redeem any ‘saved’ raffle tickets you must meet these requirements: 

  •  During the first year of working:  Clients must be working at (or) above the Trial Work period level of  $1110 each calendar month* (2024 guidelines)
  • When the trial work period is completed: Clients must be working above $1550 each calendar month, which is the Ticket to Work substantial gainful activity (SGA) goal for 2024.  (blind individuals must earn a minimum of $2590)

*Please allow approximately 4 weeks to process and mail your prize redemption.

Prizes You Could Win

  • LEVEL 1:    3 Raffle Tickets = MEO T-Shirt
  • LEVEL 2:   4 Raffle Tickets = MEO Mousepad
  • LEVEL 3:   6 Raffle Tickets = $10 Gift Card
  • LEVEL 4:   15 Raffle Tickets = $50 Gift Card
  • LEVEL 5:   25 Raffle Tickets = $100 Gift Card or up to $200 for any electronic device
  • LEVEL 6:   35 Raffle Tickets = $250 Gift Card or up to $400 for any electronic device.  


To Redeem Saved Raffle Tickets for Working Rewards — 

You must first enter our Monthly Pay Stub Gift Card Drawing to obtain and ‘save’ up raffle tickets.

To Redeem Working Rewards Prizes:    

  • Email the below information to Teresa@ [email protected]
  • Subject of Your Email:  Working Rewards Program
    • Your name
    • The total number of saved tickets you want to redeem
    • Mailing Address
    • Phone Number
    • Choice of Prize for Working Rewards (see Levels Above)

We will still hold our normal Monthly Pay stub Drawing and send the winners out via our email system and post to our YouTube page!  

Our Working Rewards Program will be a second opportunity to get prizes from sending in pay stubs and reaching new work goals!