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Kimberly Bounds


Got it done. Those are the three best words that describe what our Implementers do. Our clients have a million things on their to do lists every day. They have calls and meetings that need to be scheduled, emails that need to be managed, gifts that need to be sent, documents that need to be proofread, research that needs to be conducted, the list goes on. Since they are entrepreneurs, their lists are also always changing. That’s where we get to make a difference.

We call our Implementers by that name – not executive assistants or virtual assistants – because our approach to administration is different. We pair Implementers – the people who get things done – with Strategists – the people who keep their eye on the big picture for our clients. This team-based approach comes from years of providing support to executives.

The best Implementers are meticulous about details and find joy in the work that our clients don’t want to do. They miss nothing. They follow through on everything. They are persistent. They are proactive. They are able to move the ball forward without having all of the information handed to them. They love doing the behind the scenes work that helps our clients be successful. They can anticipate their needs and predict where things might go off the rails. They are valued and aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it.

Implementers work between 25 to 40 hours per week. In this role they can expect to work with 5-7 clients each week spending about an hour or less on each client each day. The role requires weekly video meetings with clients, recurring internal video team meetings and daily availability during the business hours. It allows for great flexibility in how you structure your day and your time within that framework.

Job Summary

The Implementer plays a critical role in client satisfaction by gaining client trust. Through high-end service delivery, strong attention to detail and excellent follow through, the Implementer ensures the client’s highest priorities and needs are exceeded on a daily basis. The Implementer proactively identifies opportunities to leverage client time effectively and is fully committed to growth of the client’s business. Implementers are responsible for the day-to-day task delivery for the account including, but not limited to, inbox management, scheduling, coordinate travel and assisting clients with personal tasks. They also execute on the project and process designs created by the Strategist for the account.

Demonstrated abilities in:

  • Virtual work environment
  • Managing multiple accounts, timelines and projects
  • Meeting deadlines and effectively prioritizing competing tasks and projects
  • Managing resources
  • Proactivity
  • Leading others
  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Relationship building long-term relationships
  • Working on teams and in a professional environment
  • GSuite, internet and technology savvy
  • Must have own computer, software, and office high-speed internet connection

Key Competencies Skills/Qualifications

Experience managing inboxes and complex scheduling, task delivery, excellent follow through and detail orientation, enthusiasm for supporting growing business owners, strong work ethic, exceptional communication skills, strong technical background, experience managing relationships and delegating work, strong organizer and planner, customer service, delegation and process improvement, decision making, problem solving, time management, analyzing information, professional writing skills, GSuite skills, verbal communication, excellent learner with the ability to listen and understand, and execute complex written and verbal instructions, kind, thoughtful, a love for helping others, graciously transparent, do what you say, enthusiasm for excellence.

Most Difficult/Demanding Part of the Position

  • Time management
  • Strong follow-through and detail orientation
  • Adherence to process and prioritizing tasks
  • Balancing multiple clients and competing priorities effectively
  • Addressing concerns transparently with clients, teammates and Success Manager


This is a remote flex position that will lead to between 25 and 40hrs per week, and that offers a flexible schedule of Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Our team earns a competitive wage of $15/hour during probation, which increases to $18/ hour after completion of successful 90-day review. We offer Aetna health benefits when you are averaging at least 30 hours per week and PTO based on company tenure.

*** The above job descriptions and listed requirements can often change based on current Employer need and new projects. Your assigned job counselor will provide you with the most up-to-date job information.

If you are a new applicant and not our current client, please fill out an application to start the process: Application