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Kimberly Bounds

This company is a business-to-business telemarketing company specializing in the outsourcing of lead generation. The clients you will be making calls on behalf of represent professional organizations in industries such as finance, brokerage, and high-tech. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality source of new leads for their product or service and to provide you with an enjoyable way to produce income right from your home, paid to you weekly.


  • Callers with previous telemarketing and cold calling experience.
  • PC with Windows 10 or above (sorry, we do not support Mac / Apple as of right now)
  • High speed Internet access (cable, DSL, etc – NO dial up).
  • Printer for your computer
  • Access to fax machine to fax in documents (or scan and email) a minimum of once per week
  • You will need a good working phone line (not cell phone) and have an unlimited flat rate long distance plan on your phone.
  • You will need a quiet working environment.
  • You may work as few as 20 hours weekly or as many as 32. Hours available depend upon your stats and workload.

*** The above job descriptions and listed requirements can often change based on current Employer need and new projects. Your assigned job counselor will provide you with the most up-to-date job information.

If you are a new applicant and not our current client, please fill out an application to start the process: Application

To apply for this job please visit www.myemploymentoptions.com.