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Kimberly Bounds
  • Work From Home
  • Virtual
  • This position has been filled

**This position is a current open position within Employment Options (MEO). You would be working directly for Employment Options from Home.

Anyone from any state can apply for this position. You do -not- have to be on SSDI or SSI to apply for this.

Job Description – Full-Time

  • Prepare and maintain records and case files on our on-line database and submit billable hours bi-weekly.
  • Maintain an active caseload and work 40 billable hours a week.
  • Assess new clients using our proprietary job placement manual “Disabilities-Different Abilities: A New Perspective for Job Hunters to clarify job placement goals that fit client’s’ aptitudes, education levels, values, needs, physical, emotional and intellectual abilities.
  • Teach clients soft and hard skills – applying and interviewing with a disability (using our job placement manual).
  • Identify current labor market trends and availability of specific jobs to ensure a viable placement goal on behalf of the client and that it meets the goals of the Ticket to Work program.
  • Identify barriers to client employment, such as disability-related issues, inaccessible work sites, inflexible schedules, and transportation problems, and work with clients to develop strategies for overcoming these barriers.
  • Write or revise resumes consistent with identified job goals.
  • Understand and explain the goals of the Ticket to Work program including how basic Social Security benefits are affected by work activity.
  • Set up job search agents, research jobs and send appropriate job leads to the clients.
  • Counsel client during the job search to look for jobs independently as well as how to follow-up with leads supplied the by counselor.
  • Monitor and record clients’ progress to ensure that goals and objectives are met.
  • Maintain close contact with clients during job training and placements to resolve problems and evaluate placement adequacy.
  • Identify and Refer clients to in-house and outside resources for training, accommodations, benefits counseling, emergency help and other situations as may arise.
  • Maintain client confidentiality in accordance with federal requirements
  • Develop relationships with employers to facilitate client placements and retention.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Industry experience preferred
  • Computer Proficiency including Intermediate Word, basic Excel, Internet, be able to chart, download and upload documents to the online database, basic computer troubleshooting, be able to send and receive emails with or without attachments and encryption.
  • Keyboarding -25 wpm preferred.
  • Be able to use telephone frequently and converse clearly and directly with clients, team members and employers.
  • Be able to prioritize work activities to maximize placement and retention.
  • Work independently and with a team.
  • Be flexible and be able to work with a wide variety of personalities and skill sets.
  • Be able to learn quickly and integrate new information.
  • High school diploma, college preferred.
  • Able to pass a federal background check.
  • Home office with computer, internet and phone service.
  • Job placement experience preferred.

Physical and emotional requirements

  • Frequent keyboarding with breaks
  • Able to see multiple browser windows on the computer screen
  • Able to hear and converse by telephone
  • Be emotionally stable and be able to use good reasoning to handle difficult clients and situations

To apply send your resume to: [email protected]