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Intake and Referral Specialist

Kimberly Bounds
  • Work From Home
  • Virtual
  • This position has been filled

Job Duties

  1. Screen candidates for viability and eligibility for Ticket to work and other return to work programs.
  2. Review incoming leads from prospective clients and request information as appropriate.
  3. Answer incoming calls and make calls to persons who have completed an application with our company.
  4. Refer candidates who are not good candidates for our programs to appropriate resources.
  5. Make call backs to hesitant prospective clients with the purpose of either IWPing them or referring to one of our resources.
  6. Assist in developing referral resources and a case management relationship with other agencies.
  7. Explain how the Ticket to Work program functions and ease potential client’s fears.

Emotional /Mental Requirements – Patient, friendly, good with people, good listener, able to multitask. Has Good attention span (ability to stay focused on task) The ability to organize, plan and prioritize.

Physical/ Environmental Requirements– Ability to sit /stand for extended periods, home office equipped with computer, internet, and privacy.

This position is a Full-Time position.

Please submit your resume to [email protected] for consideration