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Kimberly Bounds
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**This position is a current open position within Employment Options (MEO). You would be working directly for Employment Options from Home.

Anyone from any state can apply for this position. You do -not- have to be on SSDI or SSI to apply for this.


DUTIES: Maintain contact according to Ticket to Work (TTW) guidelines with working clients from Month 4 of working to optimize their successful return to work and completion of the TTW program by providing support services.

These services could include:

  1. Helping clients with job-related issues, which might include increasing hours at work, wellness coaching, work/life balance assistance, basic benefit counseling, career advancement coaching, emergency assistance needed to keep job – ex: pay electric bill, gas card, and organizing targeted webinars like ‘new home buying, raffle promotions and other ‘fun’ ways to stay in touch.
  2. Ability to be tough and limit support services to clients who have not complied with pay stub request.
  3. Collaborating with counselors when working clients need/want a better job.
  4. Inform counselor of client intent for career advancement or placement.
  5. Encouraging and collaborating with in-house affiliate program coordinator
  6. Requesting and obtaining paystubs from clients or employers as indicated
  7. Contact with non-working clients on a quarterly basis to determine the continued suitability of services.
  8. Non-active (inactive) clients – offer or encourage them to call and communicate by offering a small token gift if they can get back with you and update their contact and stay in contact

EDUCATION: College degree: Human resource or Social Service experience preferred

REQUIRED: Benefit Counseling-CWIC


  1. Be able to pass Social Security’s suitability/background check requirements.
  2. Equipped Home Office including Internet, computer and phone or email if not able to reach by phone.
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills
  4. Be able to work independently and as part of a team.
  5. Request paystubs from clients
  6. Knowledge of HIPAA and PII or willingness to learn and abide by strict confidentiality rules as it applies to client data.
  7. Comfortable making outbound calls
  8. Creative problem-solving skills.
  9. Knowledge of community resources and demonstrated ability to utilize these resources effectively.
  10. Computer skills in Excel, email, and Google docs desired.
  11. Ability to maintain documentation in a concise, accurate and timely fashion.
  12. Be able to attend and participate directly in virtual training and staff meetings.
  13. Able to perform basic computer-troubleshooting, download programs, and maintain computer updates.
  14. May assist with online chat support, replying to requests for program information, screening for intake

Desired: Experience in resolving client workplace issues, negotiating accommodations, answering common benefit issues.

To apply for this position, send your resume to: [email protected]