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WEBINAR:  Free SSDI/SSI Employment Services–  June 20th – Reserve Your Spot! 


Zoom Registration Is Now Open – For Our June 20th, 2024 Free Webinar! *

Reserve a spot at our upcoming webinar on Thursday, June 20th, 2024, at 3:00pm Eastern, where our staff will review the many free employment services and job opportunities that we provide to our clients on SSDI or SSI as part of the free Ticket to Work Program. 

The Federal Ticket to Work Program is designed exclusively to help SSI/SSDI recipients on their employment journey. It provides many free employment services at no cost to you through a network of authorized service providers: from benefits counseling and planning, to resume writing assistance, interview preparation, job searching and matching, long-term follow up  and more.

Topics To Be Covered Include:

  • Who is My Employment Options? (MEO)
  • What Do We Do For Job Seekers on SSDI/SSI?
  • Why Choose Us As Your Employment Network? 
  • Free Employment Services We Provide  
  • Work At Home & Onsite Job Examples 
  • Path to Financial Independence
  • Meet Our Partner GoodGames


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Lisa Seeley - Senior Work at Home Employment Counselor

Lisa is a Senior Employment Counselor and has been with My Employment Options since 2010. She is a Ticket To Work Program graduate achieving her goal of financial independence and a sustainable career.

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Victor Vieillet - Business Development Specialist

Victor Vieillet is a Business Development Specialist and has been with MEO since November 2018. He brings his previous experience in Marketing and Sales.

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Mark Booker - Director of Sales and Marketing- GoodGames

Mark is the Director of Sales and Marketing at GoodGames. He is a partner of MEO. He believes deeply in the game tools and their ability to make companies and organizations more productive and successful.


Teresa Ellinger - Benefits and Payments Manager/CPWIC

Teresa is our Social Security Benefits and Payments Manager and a Community Partner Work Incentives Coordinator. (CPWIC). She plays a vital role at My Employment Options by helping clients better understand Ticket to Work Program guidelines and submitting necessary documentation to Social Security on behalf of the company and our clients.

*Clicking on the registration button above will take you to a Zoom Registration webpage where you can register to attend. After you register on Zoom, watch for a confirmation email.  Save that email and use it on Thursday, June 20th to join!  Zoom will also send you reminder emails.


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